Version 7 Changing Theme Colors

What happened to the “Create Theme from Color” option after clicking the Appearance > Themes > Advance buttons?

Did you ever hear back from anyone on this? I am wondering the same thing. Thanks.

Hi Beaver. No, I didn’t hear from anyone so I concluded that it’s just one of those things. I settled for the standard ‘Dark Theme’ and I’m getting used to it.

I believe that is no longer supported . You have to do it manually     I saved the classic theme saved it.  copied it to another name (classic Dark Blue)   and using a text editor  (notepad would work but I like textpad   and did a mass change of code #F0F0F0    to    #46A3FF      then loaded in the new theme for the color I like.  I like Blue      I found on internet a code color utility to discover the code for the blue color I liked.

I wish they create a place where users can save and share themes hey themes

Thanks for the tip Richard. I might give that a try.

I am really upset they’ve taken away the option to change theme color, we are not all computer savvy enough to make a whole theme. I liked to changed the color to match my windows color, very disappointed.