Version 7.236164.0 ?

Two days ago I found this new version on the “release history page”. Among other improvements it advertised “hundreds of bug fixes”, thus I hastened to install it. Today I found that it is removed from the release history. It works allright on my machine. The frequent connection errors to my gmail account that had bothered me for years (althoug a click on the refresh button always fixed them immediateyl) are gone now.
My question is: is there anything seriously wrong with version 7.2.36164 so that I should reverse back to V 7.2.35595.0?

Yes, there are major issues. Beware pefunk!

Thank you for your quick reply!

That version has some problems with Rules, and I lost more than 100 messages from Friday/Saturday before I realized what was happening. Could be some other problems but I downgraded before I got a thorough look at it. 

Hello Pefunk,

Thank you for reporting this. Unfortunately, 7.2.36164 was an internal release meant for testing and by accident, it was marked as “public”. However, there shouldn’t be any further bugs except the “rules bug” in this version so there’s no need for a downgrade. Also, I’m happy to hear that it fixed your issues with Gmail account.

We’re currently working on a fix for the rules before the update can be publicly released.


That “internal test version” made its way to FILEPUMA.COM… might be a good idea to contact them!!!

I also installed .36164 when I saw it. Today I started noticing my GMail Contacts were getting smaller and smaller (I have about 7600). I was doing Repair and each time I did repair for the contacts I got a different number over. I will go back to the .3559 release.

Except I cannot go back to the earlier release. I guess I have to uninstall emClient to install the earlier version?