Version 7.1 final hangs

I have installed 7.1 as an update to the latest version 6. When I click on a folder the software hangs for 3 or 4 seconds. When I click on a mail it hangs and it hangs when I click on my Calander or the close button.

In the headline I get the message “keine Rückmeldung” that means no response.What do you recommend to make 7.1 work well?

With a complete System Recovery (Macrium Reflect) I have set my Windows back. During weekend I want to test a “7.1 clean install”. 

A clean install makes it a little better. Reloading my backup data doesn’t work well. Em7.1 hangs.

Synchronising data with my Google Account seems to work well. But moving form one mail to another or from from one mail folder to another in EM7.1 takes too much time. EM7.1 hangs for 5 or 6 seconds with every move. 

A clean install without reloading the backuped data means no quick texts, no signatures, no rules and some new configuration. There is no export tool.

So I wait for some advises from the technical support. Never publish an new version before weekend!

I’ve set my Windows system back and work with 6.0.3… again. I don’t want to be the first to work with this “hanging” software.

Wait for instruction or new version. A clean install is possible at any time.

Yes agree the last two V7.1 release builds have big delay & lag problems clicking between mail, menus and just navigating around the program. The only release I found after V6 that worked for me was 7.0.x as per my post yesterday.

I am running Windows 10 Creators edition V 1703 on both my Win 10 PC’s.