Version 7.0.28822.0

Version 7.0.28822.0 is super fast compared to previous versions.  Kudos Devs!

latest iss70.30068.0

Interestingly, it has disappeared from their release history page.  Hmmm.

I realize that you can still get it, but I find it strange that it is no longer on the release history page.  This along with the license issues this morning, made me wonder if there is a problem with it.

In any event, the 7.1 b2 is a great release.  Better, IMHO, than 7.0.x

Do you have the link for 7.1 ?

We have temporarily pulled back version 7.0.30068 due to some problem reports. If you already have it installed and it works for you then there is no need downgrade to version 7.0.28822. While we investigate the reports, version 7.0.28822 is the one that is generally available.

Just downloaded it, installed and seems to be working fine

Version 7.0.28822.0 is the only new version to download. As stated above by Filip, they pulled version 7.0.30068 due to problems.    If you update your client to 7.0.28822.0, chances are you will have a good experience.  Honestly, mine syncs so fast compared to the version prior to 7.0.288 that I am stunned.  (a very happy user of EM Client)