Version 6.0.22313.0 won't complete oAuth for Exede ISP (Corporate gMail) - used to work...

Updated to version 6.0.22313.0 this morning and was greeted with the gMail authentication page for my gMail account. Worked just fine. Next account is my ISP’s “Corporate” gmail account hosted by Google but via domain “”. This presents me with the sign-in for their email then returns that Java not enabled in my browser… Click “Here” to continue in HTML5 which then loads a list of my mail. …  ***I BELIEVE the “JAVASCRIPT NOT ENABLED” is the key to my problem… ***
After viewing my mail in this abbreviated browser window, I sign out and get an endless"Please Wait"… FOREVER

Closing this window garners “Authentication not finished, Close?” .

For now I’m reinstalling my old download / initial install of EMClient that seems play nice with Exede. Another thread at:… had a comment that gmail would no longer support the older protocol on Monday (5/20/15) but I haven’t researched this yet…

Anyone find a work-around for this, stuff I should check or change and, most especially, any experience SUCESSFULLY getting a Corporate GMail account to work with EMClient oAuth2?

Replying to myself… Update:
Deleted Exede account from EM Client (resulting in locally cached folder being deleted).
Setup new account for, giving recommended POP/SMTP info from the ISP’s “How-To” page.
During the validation process, EM Client detected that the server had IMAP available and then fixed its IMAP settings to use them properly.
I’m back in business as I doubt very much that Exede will EVER transition to oAuth2 since their tech support had no clue what I was talking about .
This might be worth a try for others of you having trouble… EM Client adjusts settings and this just seemed to work for me.
Thanks developers for anticipating and solving problems! …a happy customer!

Hello Carl, thank you for sharing your solution to this issue, if I understand this correctly you were able to re-setup the account using the manual setup? Or did you just use the automatic setup and eM Client again fetched new server settings re-setting up the account correctly?