Version 5.0.17211.0: Unable to rename any Folders (!)

Indeed, after clicking at “Rename” (of a Folder self created), I can edit it…but once
done, it always reverts back to its original name; ie. it’s not being…stored!!
(But for sure I’m “otherwise” very pleased with this latest version; okay!).

do you use IMAP? If so, send us your IMAP log please: go to menu Tools->Settings->Advanced->Logging and check “IMAP” under the problematic account. Then restart eM Client, try to simulate the issue and send us (with reference to this topic) the logs using the same logging settings window. Thank you.

Dear George Wilson,
Nope, I’m not using IMAP.
I have simply added some additional Folders to the six default
ones (*Inbox, Outbox, Sent, Trash, Drafts & Junk E-mail")…
With very best regards from Switzerland,
Philippe Borel.

I have about 100 extra folders, which can be renamed and which keep the changed name!

That is quite strange, because BEFORE I raised this problem here, I did also download this latest version onto ANOTHER Notebook.with precisely the same…error; okay!
So are you sure you’re also using this version 5.0.17211.0??

This morning, I upgraded to 5.0.17263.0

Following your reply here above (thanks), I now also downloaded this latest version 5.0.17263.0…but unfortunately the problem in my case still persists (!).

PS: I really do hope now, that some “other” users will be able to confirm above…

what is the exact behavior?
Is any error message shown?
What account is that?
Are that local folders?
Can you provide us any screenshots/video?
We are not able to reproduce the issue currently,
so we need more information.

Hello Michal Burger.
Yes, any local (self-made) folders are being affected.
So whenever I click at “Rename”, I then can edit
such entry to start with…but when I leave this field,
the original content reappears; ie. any amendment
I attempt to perform is simply not being saved.
(And no error message pops up).
And please do note that “this” affects also another
PC of mine which has Windows 7 as well.
(Well, I could try of course to made a screenshot,
if above description is not clear enough; okay.)

thank you for clarification - it is clear enough now. Can you please send me a screenshot of your account settings? Simply open Tools - Accounts - select the problematic account and take a screenshot. Then send it directly to me at Thank you.

So what was the result? I still have this problem using v. 5.0.17595

Are you getting any error messages? Could you please post here a screenshot? Thank you.

There are no error messages. All that happens is that the “rename” does not save, reverting to the original. There therefore appears to be nothing to take a screenshot of.

Did you press “Enter” after renaming the folder?

Dear George Wilson,
Wow, you really hit the magic word by typing “Enter”!!
Indeed, this is the reason why such editing was not stored (!).
However, I do believe that in your previous version, “this”
was not required…am I right??
Anyway, I’m happy now for having no longer this “personal”
problem; so thanks very much for your valuable feedback!
With best regards from Switzerland,
PS to Graeme Ludlow: Surely this is also not any more
“an issue” for you too now; ha!