Version crashing

I was originally on version 4 and it worked fine. I upgraded to version 5 and now I am getting random crashes. For example, sometimes it happens when I click on an email to read it. Other times it happens when I click on folder to change from my inbox to the Sent folder.

When it happens, emclient closes and then I get an error dialog from Windows that says “An error has occurred in the application that prevents it from continuing. The application will terminate”

If I start emclient again, it usually takes a while to check the database. Then I can do whatever I was trying to do before (usually). It is random and I don’t see a pattern or a specific thing that causes it.

I have Windows 7 home premium X64 with 8 gigs of RAM. Nothing is logged in the windows event log that I can see.

Any thoughts on how I can fix this or help you identify the issue?


please contact me directly at I will send you our latest internal version which hopefully resolves the problem.