Version 3.5.11809.0 is extremely slow for me.

I have generally been very pleased with eM Client since first using it a few months ago.
However, since updating to Version 3.5.11809.0 the client has been extremely slow to download e-mails and to open them. This applies whether the e-mails are in html format or plain text and it doesn’t seem to be dependent on the size of the file. It’s also extremely slow to send mail - it can take 30-40 seconds to send a simple text e-mail and during this time the header bar sometimes says that the client is not responding.
I really have no idea what might have changed to cause this. I haven’t altered anything else on the system.

Since the 3.5 beta2 it did become a bit sluggish. But it shouldn’t act like that. I would recommended move your e-mail database to another PC and try to see if it the PC or your database that is causing the problem.

Thanks for your suggestion. Actually, I seem to have inadvertently fixed it. I started having some browser problems and discovered that I was running too many anti-malware programs at the same time. Since disabling the automated function of one of them, the slow download/opening/sending of emails has disappeared.

Oddly, though, the problem of checking/rebuilding the database when the program is first opened, which had disappeared with the new version (I thought) has returned. Is there any method of fixing this?