Verious ideas and ergonomic problems / lacking features.

I have been testing Mulberry, Postbox, TB, and WLM, and I like eM a lot so far. However I am having four problems:
1.1 I couldn’t find a way to define the character “|” instead of “>”, in replies.
1.2 I also could not find a way to actually disable the pseudo-text view, and see real “>” or “|” characters, instead of a complete line, which makes formatting difficult.
2. I couldn’t find a way to prevent auto-popup of message from the right pane (instead of, on a single click for instance.)
3. I set my formatting to plain text, but replying to html caused all its images to attached to the mail. This left a very bad impression to me.
4. I was frustrated that inline search did not seem to work and seemed to have to hit enter even when configuring search to look for matching subject/sender/rec. only (i.e. NOT body) but was forced to hit enter.
5. I liked the backup feature, but frequency should go up to 3 hours (3/4/6/12/1day/…), and amount of retained backups up to 16 backups.
6. There should be an option for a default BCC, per account.
7. Save a line by putting the “From: (account)” to utmost right of the “To:” line, and the “add cc/bcc” to the utmost right of the “subject:” line. WLM does it like that. Save another line by putting the menu to the right of the icons (WLM doesn’t even show a menu, only on hitting ALT). Similar solutoin for main window: Give option to hide menu line (show by ALT).

Cheers. :slight_smile:

vArious, what a first impression… sorry.


1 I don’t fully understand what you mean but character “|” is in reply by default…
2 Tools - settings - General - Notifications does not help?
3 You have to to this manually now, but in 6th version there are already implemented settings for doing this automatically. It will be released in few weeks.
4 Search works only after hitting Enter and it will not be changed.
5 This is good idea but we are currently focusing on features requested by more people, but I am not saying no.
now you can do this by using rules in Tools - Rules
6 This is not planned.
7 This is good idea but we will rather focus our energy on more required features

because this topic is marked as an idea it will stay here and all features will be reconsidered but most likely it will be like I have written here.



thanks a lot for your reply.

I have “updated my list”, you may forget my previous list. Here’s what I find most important:

  1. (new) (_close on reply_) When opening a message and then hitting reply, the orginal message window does not close. This is strange and not standard. There should be an option to disable this, or disable it altogether.

  2. (_waste of vertical space_) Most of today’s notebook screens have an unergonomic aspect ratio (16:9). In addition, software makers add “ribbon” menus that waste even more. It would be great if you reconsidered my suggestions regarding merging lines (see my point 7 above), and generally gave options to hide menus. People will love added vertical space.

  3. (_quoting problems_) see attachment.


  1. this will be implemented in 6th version scheduled to be released in few weeks.

  2. I understand you, for that toolbar we are testing completely new design, and for that lines merge well that is really not problem, resolutions 1600 x 900 and more work flawlessly with it.
    Maybe in a future we will take look at it but now it is just waste of time and resources which can be used on bugs, faulty functions and stuff like that.

  3. I am possibly dumb but I still can’t understand what you want to do with it, I have tried to make reply for many emails and all are with | instead of < and formatting is always excellent.



I am not doing this to annoy anyone, I want to help improve the program! :slight_smile:

*3.* -> Just send an email reply that looks nice in eM Client to a different email program, e.g. WLM, using plain text. It will look *terrible* to the person who receives your email, in their client. I described everything in my attachment. You may want to have this problem checked by one of your programmers, I think it is crucia. Apologies should it turn out to be a configuration mistake on my part, but I double-checked everything. (It is set to plain text.)

(*2* -> No problem, but still a remark: People increasingly have portable windows devices like hybrid tablets etc. with 11-13 inch screens. These screens increasingly have ultra high resolutions (like 3200x1800). This does *not* solve the toolbar size problem because tool bar de facto real estate needs to remain relatively constant unless you want to click miniature icons, which is a strain on the eyes. --> With Windows 8.1 and up to 3200x1800 on 13-inchers, desktop scaling will become common and the imperative to save vertical space, just like on 1366x768 screens, will remain identical.) :slight_smile:

OK, I hope my points are heard, I just wanted to help by pointing you to some points that are rather important, I think.