Ver 7.1

Em Client Ver 7.1


Downloaded 7.0 as a replacement for WLM 2012. Could not get the contacts to transfer from WIN 10 and the “Storage Folders” did come over but not in their entirety. Did a clean uninstall and tried again but the same result.
Downloaded the new Beta 7.1 and everything worked great!!! Contacts came over and my email as well with no problems. I set my account up as “Exchange” and so far it is working great! The import feature has been really improved and made the transition much easier. Also I could not get the “Distribution Lists” to work in Ver 7.0. They work just great in 7.1. I have not yet transferred my “Local Folders” as I am still in the trial mode here.

Just wanted to say congrats on the improvements and I am to date very pleased with the upgrades.