VCF export malformed

I’m trying to export my contacts to an Android phone. I can easily create and port the VCF file(s), but have found that any contacts with ‘note’ content gets rejected by the import program. I’ve also had to delete the ‘display as’ e-mail field as that also causes them to be rejected.

there are several versions of VCF format. It is quite possible that the other application does not support version 3.0, which is used by eM Client.
However you can setup the gmail account in the eM Client and move the contacts in here. All contacts categorized as “Phonebook” will be automatically synchronized into your Android phone.

Thanks for your prompt reply, Petr. I’m not keen on publishing my contacts in the cloud so I’ll pursue the alternative of loading a later version of Android (2.1) which I believe will import VCFs directly.