VCard address list - SOGo


Once again playing around with emclient as we are still looking for a suiteable solution for mail/calendar/addressbook.

Got pretty good results with a sogo installation on a zentyal server combined with emclient for mail and calendar. The server is easy to maintain, low ressource use and has a good user management.

Two issues came along:
Subscribing to calendars/addressbooks works only - more or less - manually. Not as convenient as Sogo+Thunderbird+Sogo-Plugin. But we can live with that.

A real problem are adress lists in the address book.
When you add a list in emclient it is synced to sogo as an empty contact.
and if you add the list on sogo it doesn’t get synced to emclient at all.

As far as I could figure out this is because of the “VLIST” object used by sogo which seems to be more or less proprietary to sogo.

Is there any way around?
Could anyone get address lists to work in that combination? (sogo+emclient)