various problems, signatures

Hello, the problem I have is the following:

  1. Build an html signature, with links and text.
  2. is set as default for new mail, replies and forwards.
  3. when I reply to an email, it embeds my signature, but in text mode
  4. I press CRTL+1, and the signature is fixed to html.
  5. check that the edition in configurations is as HTML.
    I still couldn’t make the signature appear directly in responses, in new mail, it is placed correctly.
    I already uninstalled and installed Emclient.

It is because of this settings.

If the message you received was in plain text, the reply will be as well, so no formatting in the signature.

Change the option to HTML, then click on Save & Close.

Hi, thanks for your response.
If so I check it and leave both as html, but it still refuses to insert the signature as html.