Variables for single e-mail recipients

Just what it says on the tin, I’d like to have the option to use variables in e-mails without having it be a mass e-mail. Sometimes I select certain individual clients to let them know I’m available for work via template, and it’s just handy having the greeting include their name and the current date in writing. (Yes, I realize I can just write this out.)

I understand that the Mass Email option is a paid feature, but I’d gladly purchase for the ability to use variables in templates for single recipients. Thanks!

Not sure this will pertain to your question, but when creating a template you can right-click on a blank area in the body of the template and choose INSERT > VARIABLE and choose.

Example… I use {Given Name} to address the email, by first name obtained from the TO field.

Oh, you’re right! For some reason I thought it wasn’t working. I’d delete this topic but it looks like I don’t have permission. Ah well.

Great!!.. no need to delete the message as it will eventually by helpful to others