V9 why "Preview not available" as important info

Hi there, no idea why this needs to be so prominent:
2022-05-07 11_42_42-eM Client
Thats typical techie info. I don’t care, just don’t bother me. Actually I never cared about this, even in other mail clients. Maybe important for debugging, but I’m a user.
Otherwise, V9 is a nice release. I like the subtle layout improvements.

That may be because the first lines of the message are an image, blank line or an HTML link. So there is no text to display.

I think with DHL they are always linked content.

Yes there may be a reason for this (there usually always is), but does the user care? He can’t do anything about it. I would prefer suppressing this message, and have the first line of the message instead. That’s way more useful.

The first line of that particular message can’t be previewed, that is why you see this message.

If you would like to disable this, please choose the option in your settings.

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