V9 Synchronized Tags

Does the new synchronized tags feature work with the calendar as well? The feature description demo video only covers mail. Really hoping for calendar tag sync :crossed_fingers:

I’ve seen employees answering questions in here regularly. This one seems like an easy yes/no question. Anybody?

Who is your Calendar provider?

All of the calendars I use are on Google accounts. I have a couple of Zoho email accounts, but I don’t use the calendar function on those.

Unfortunately Google doesn’t provide an option in their API to sync calendar tags.

Until they provide that option, there is no way to sync them.

If you add a tag to an event on one device, then look at the event on another device, the tag will be there, but if you go to Menu > Tags and select the Google account, you won’t see that tag listed there like you do for messages.

Thank you for that information. It’s frustrating to have my EMC tag colors not match the google calendar app on my phone. Hope they add that in the API soon like they’ve done for mail.