V9 - last message gets stuck in outbox

Lot of problems since I went to v9 most of which I see on other threads so won’t repeat. But one weird one. It always keeps my last sent message in the outbox. If I want to force that last message out I have to create a dummy message to myself so that becomes the most recent one. Then the original stuck message gets sent and the dummy message gets held. In short I always have exactly one message stuck in outbox and that is the most recently sent message.

Have you tried removing and re-adding the IMAP account?

If that does not resolve, try uninstalling and reinstalling a fresh copy of the current version of eMC. If you want specific instructions, let me know.

I have the exact same problem after upgrading. I need to send a dummy message to get the last email sent…extremely annoying

thanks sunriseal that cured the outbound mail issue. Now I’m just having problems getting incoming mail. Seems to take about 10 minutes after I sent a test message. Didn’t use to be like this. Ah well…

@jerryg1 & @Alfaekko

Do either of you run any eg: Optional Antivirus programs, Optional Firewall Security programs, VPNs etc ? If you do what are they.