V9 - Bug in rules reading from Gmail

Hi all,

I have a rules (well many rules) setup in Gmail to “Never Send it to Spam”. this is a very common rule. Just upgraded to V9 and took a peek at he new rules from server feature and these rules don’t display correctly.

Here is the rule in Gmail:


For some bizzare reason this forum only let me put 1 image in to the thread (as it thinks I am a new user - Pah!! - ive been a member for over 2 years and many dozens of posts!!)

… so here is the rest of the message…

and here is the rule in emClient V9: Here is what is displayed in emClient V9:

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miércoles 02 marzo 2022 :: 1623hrs (UTC +01:00)

The Forum site crashed about a week ago, maybe that is the reason after a reset.

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No. They treated me the same way a couple months ago. I think perhaps we are all NEW USERS with limited rights until manually upgraded after complaining.