Please inform if there is an eM client version on the V8 that is for my 64 bits notebook.
The version I have is 32 bits.

I’m also curious if there will be a 64 bit version in addition to the 32-bit version

unless we wait the answer?


Since eM Client is a protocol-based software, the 64-bit version wouldn’t have much effect on the program performance.
That’s why we have the 32-bit version for both systems.


Russell, okay, thanks for the info. It turns out that my notebook is 64 bit and is heating up a lot when accessing the eM Client V8.

@idacil That is really weird that your 64bit notebook is heating up alot running EM Client V8 Beta’s as really shouldn’t make any difference at all. I personally have found V8 Beta’s are faster and less cpu usage than V7 with the same 64Bit CPU.

Does your laptop heat up with any other programs. Also what speed CPU, Ram & Type of Hard disk (Mechanical or SSD) do you have & what OS are you running.

@idacil that 30.7% EM Client CPU usage could be just that eg: EM Client is still synchronising your email folders etc.

Thanks for the reply. I actually have many folders that total 1.2 GB. In this case what could be done?

@idacil yes it can take time for EM Client to sync all your mail folders depending on the size. You just have to leave it running till it finishes.

@idacil how hot is your CPU running ? Is it over 75-80 temperature & climbing ? Or does it stay steady. Also does your fan cut in when it gets hot.

My notebook keeps reasonably warm with the client. And if I leave sync disabled and turn it on only when I want to download my emails, would that solve it?
I can’t check the temperature of the notebook.

P.S.: I am Brazilian and write using the Translator, sorry if it is not clear what I write.

@idacil you can check the temperature of your CPU & Motherboard with “Speccy” the (Free) version for Windows from https://www.ccleaner.com/speccy

I really appreciate your help and clarification.