V8 won't authenticate with gmail

I set up two Gmail accounts on a laptop, V7. Downloaded/installed new exe (V8.0.3385). Will not link/authenticate with Google. Uninstalled V8, switched back to older (V7.2.40748), worked fine.

Just like you, several of us are having problems getting em Client v8 to synch with gmail. Just take a look down the list of forum topics, and you’ll see a couple of relevant discussions.

For now, I have reinstalled em Client v7, which works perfectly BTW, until v8 is fixed.

like most free versions of software there is no support, and that’s too bad because it reflects the level of support you’d probably get if you sent them money
for now it seems V7 is the solution

I too am having the same issue, none of the v8 updates work on my system to download email from gmail.