V8 upgrade question

I upgraded to v8 from V7 in early July with the V8 version 8.0.2951.0.
I got notice today when I logged onto emclient that an upgrade was available so I upgraded to the version that was shown as available which was 8.0.3318.0. I have had no problems with either version of V8, but I am wondering why I was not offered the latest version 8.0.3385 which has been available for 4 days. Can anybody offer any insight? After I upgraded to 8.0.3318, I checked for updates and a message popped up that I had the latest update. not a big deal, but just wondering why I was not offered the most recent update.

There have been some issues, in v8, that made the check for update option not workable. Recently it appeared to have been resolved… perhaps not all issues have been resolved OR perhaps they have decided to “control” the release of new version whereby they release over a period of time (1-2 weeks).

I decided to not use the check for update option and now download versions directly from the release-history page of their web site.