V8 setting up new account shows odd "Full name" column


when I installed v8 on a computer (to test some more) I originally upgraded from V7 to V8 and all seemed well. I noticed the oddest thing…

Under Inbox of each account the full name column, instead of showing a persons name, shows

I have:

paper clip ; Full name ; Subject Created Size Item Type

The paper clip shows (for each email) an icon representing the type of attachment
Full name is the name of the attachment

I then decided to delete my accounts and re-create them but this seems to be the default view for a newly created account.

It makes no sense and is really confusing. I can configure the columns to get rid of “Full Name”

A bit of further tweaking and I can see at the bottom there is a load of icons for mail, calendar etc and under the … there is an option for “Attachment view”. I clicked away from this and my view returned to normal and when I tried to select attachment view to see if this is what I was in fact in - it told me that this feature is only available in the Pro version. It then left me in Mail view.

Very odd…

It all looks fine now but something was messed up with the upgrade process that left me in “attachment view” even though this is apparently not available to the free version.