V8 Installation Concerns

Hi all,
I have stated that I am not convinced eM is the complete package but has the potential to be so. Having read of the many problems some have had with upgrading to V8 I decided to give it a go retaining the option to revert to V7. eM offered me a 30 day trial of the full subscribed V8 and my findings so far, it installed without any difficulty, removed V7 effortlessly, imported all my settings, mails, contacts, tasks etc from 7 and seems to be working fine. For those concerned their AV’s might conflict with eM I use the excellent Bitdefender Total Security Suite and have done so for many years. I have never experienced it conflicting with any other software.


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I had the same experience updating to v8 (free license) from v7 (free license) - no apparent issues. I use AVG as my AV. I updated the software by going to the Menu> check for update. The only question I have is that when I look at the Menu>Help>License, it tells me the that the License Free(V8 trial until 8/13/2020). I am wondering if i have to do anything to maintain the Free license after 8/13/2020 or will it just automatically turn off any functions not associated with the Free version. Does anyone know what happens at the end of the 30 day trial period?

Hi Al,
I think you might have to request a free license key. it is possible the program may just stop the extra features but it may stop working altogether. to be safe I suggest you request a free license key at least a week before the trial runs out.
I like the program and its additional features are a nice addition but I find the cost somewhat restrictive for personal use and so will most likely stick with the free version.
Having said this eM must be applauded for offering a free version.


Thanks for your insight. I tried to get a ‘new’ free license yesterday after I updated to V8 and it says I have a license and would only allow me to get my license resent to me. At this point I think that what emclient will do at the end of the 30 day period is just drop the ‘30 day trial’ and just give emclient the capabilities offered in the free version of V8. I have a backup plan if I am wrong, but from my research there is no way to ask for a v8 free license if you have a v7 free license. I know this is a free piece of software and emclient has bigger issues to deal with that pay them money, but ya think they would be clearer in how this trial period works for folks like me.