V8 IMAP Inbox continuously syncing / never completing

Hi all,

Would appreciate any comments / suggestions.

We have recently set-up using em Client with a bigpond (telstra mail) IMAP account. We have set eM Client to download messages and attachments locally for this account.
The Inbox seems to be always “syncing”, The total messages for the inbox gets close to the total on the Telstra server and then the total number of messages sometimes starts depleting in the inbox.

There are 5000+ emails on this server, It takes a few hours to get up to this amount and then if you do anything like a search, it starts to “sync” and you watch the total number of messages start depleting.

Is this a bug, problem on the Telstra server side or a setting we have missed?

Any comments/suggestions would be much appreciated.


@gmcauley With 5000+ emails to sync that will more than likely take many days till they are all read.

Check “settings/general/synchronize” settings just in case. Maybe disable until legacy download complete.