V8 Design back to v7?

Is it possible to undo the v8 Design to v7? I really don’t like that wide space between the folders; I have to scroll in the view, which I never had to do before. It’s not very practical and slows down my work, when I have to scroll around to find folders.

Also what about this “more”-folders? I have important folders in there and I do not want those “more”-view, I just wanna see the folders as they are and not open a “more”-folder before seeing my folders!

If anyone can help me, I would be really thankful. Otherwise I’ll consider choosing another mailclient, als this really slows down my work :frowning:

For those folders that meet your criteria, right-click the folder and choose SHOW or SHOW if UNREAD…

Aaaaah, thank you soooo much, sunriseal! When I choose “SHOW” with all of them, the “more”-folder simply dissapears. Much happier with that!! :slight_smile:

With almost 100 folders, my happiness is triggered by the SHOW if UNREAD… educes the clutter somewhat and the scrolling.

But regardless, glad to help!

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@Roe_Rainrunner I’ve used the same approach on Show/Hide as @sunriseal (in fact he was one of the users here who kindly pointed it out to me!) Very useful. In fact Show/Hide was there in v7 but since set to ‘Show’ by default for all folders, so I never realised it or the ‘More’ grouping existed!

If I understand your other concern - about distancing between folders - you can try adjusting folder lists row height at Menu > Tools > Settings > Appearance > Row Dimensions.
Below is the setting in v7 but I recall it was similar in v8 when I tried it!

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Yeah in V8 though the pathway is just Menu > Settings > Appearance > Row Dimensions (without the “Tools” part

Thanks, @Hope777 . I assume the v8 online help system is still (as it was a few weeks ago) so far behind the actual versions; otherwise I could check these things before I post.

That’s just great, you guys are awsome! This is so much better now!
eM-Client is my favorit mailclient so far and I was really concerned that I would not be satisfied with it anymore.
But here we go!
Have a great evening (or day, wherever you are)

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