V8, A Step Backwards? So Slow

I love eM Client. But wish I had not upgraded to V8.

One of the best features of eMClient was that is pretty speedy. That has done a 180 and I can not in good faith continue to recommend this product until it is back to “normal” performance.

Upgrades are great and offer a revenue stream to the company, but who beta tested this and let it out the door? Trying to stay positive, and just say, V8 has a lot of room for improvement.

Also at some time, a change was made not to show the connections occurring in the lower left hand. It was always nice to see my outgoing mail being processed. Now I have to see this huge popup window to accomplish the same task. Granted it will go away on it’s own (thankfully) but from a UI perspective it’s not pretty and fairly annoying.

Hope things can get worked out. But I am sorry they released a product not worthy of their reputation. (hard earned and deserved until now)

To the Dev’s when can we expect an update to fix it the speed and UI issues?


Just checking… Are you on the latest version where they fixed some of the memory handling issues?

I am on version 8.0.2951

When I do a check for update, “There is no update available.”


Mine also told me there was no updated… But you can manually load it from here:


or here


The “check for update” option has NEVER worked for v8 and still doesn’t

They were notified some time ago… guess it is not important.

Thank you!

8.0.3283 is much faster. (night and day improvement)

They need to push that out to everyone. ASAP.

Again thanks for the fast response and assistance.

Hopefully they can also tweak the UI a little and get it back in line.


It has been “pushed”… what you saw was the extenrt of “pushed”

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Thank you so much! I was so frustrated at how slow I was getting my emails with the one month trial of pro. Did not make me want to upgrade.