V8.1.1054 - downloading eMail headers only

I’m suddenly experiencing a problem (last 2 days) in v 8.1.1054 where only the email header is downloading and I can’t open to view or delete these emails.

Older emails in my inbox are still displayed and operating as expected - it’s only the last few days that the problem has occurred and I can’t do anything with these emails - is this a server problem or with the EMC app itself?

Can you right-click on the folder containing the broken messages and choose Properties > Repair. If it it a Gmail or Gsuite account, right-click on the All Mail folder and choose Properties > Repair.

See if that resolves the issue.

Unfortunately I don’t get a repair option via properties for the Inbox or or All Inboxes folder - only a General tab with information…

This is the log error message I get, if it means anything…

It appears that the emails have already been deleted off the mail server without fully synchronizing in the EMC inbox, so only the headers remain in the inbox but I can seem to remove or repair them to sync up correctly with the server - is there another way to do this…?

The repair option is only for your IMAP Inbox. If you are using POP3, the repair option is not applicable.

All Inboxes is just a filter, it is not an actual folder.