v7 - What happened to "Download Messages for Offline Use" option for specific folders with Gmail?

After migrating to v7 I noticed that it was taking a lot longer to view messages in my inbox and so assumed that the setting to control this had been lost…
But there is no option anymore…  The “Offline” tab is no longer present in the properties of my inbox, or any folder for that matter - Except for “All Mail”, which I had disabled in v6 but had to re-enable on Gmail after migration…
So am I right in thinking that you’ve gone from being able to select offline status for individual folders in v6 to forcing all-or-nothing based on All Mail in v7?
If so, that’s a big step backwards.  The per folder offline setting was a feature that I used.  If that’s gone - removal of a feature that I used, I’ll be very much regretting my lifetime upgrade purchase.

See my earlier posting, to which there has been no response.


I guess the eMC team is pretty busy these days!

Despite searching before I posted, I only found your post immediately after I created this new one… So of course immediately added a “Me too” for yours :slight_smile:
I’m really hoping that it’s an oversight on the developers side (but have a feeling that it’s not) - some of the other “improvements” in v7 that I’m not a fan of, I can deal with… But this one’s a dealbreaker…