V7 RC fail

I’m glad to see the v7 Release Candidate notification however you still have not created a simple rule that processes if the sender is NOT in Contacts.  Without that filter I get too much email that needs to just be reviewed but can generally be deleted.  Rather than let them into my inbox it’s easier and more efficient to send them to trash for review. To manually add each sender to a rule to do that is too time consuming and seems unnecessary.

And, alas, there is still no right click Empty Trash in Smart folders.

I’m afraid v7 RC is still not for me as these two issues alone are deal breakers. I’ve been asking (and complaining) since I first tried v6 -  1 1/2 years ago. I hope that now that you think most of the bugs are worked out and the UI is pretty much at v6 level you can quickly add some user requests.

And a possible bug, if I understand correctly. I have POP3 and account settings are to keep mail on server until I delete for the “Deleted” folder. First, “deleted”? My assumption is that’s another word for “Trash”. If that assumption is correct when I empty Trash and Refresh the email is still on the server. True for both Gmail and Outlook.com accounts.

You could opt for Mailwasher Pro for pre-screening email destined to eMail Client. With MWP you can set a filter for blocking email from those not in your Contacts list. I use MWP in conjunction with eMC and its filtering and anti-spam features are excellent. And, for the record I do not work for the MWP company or have any financial interests in them. Just pointing out a tool that solves the issue with spammers that no email client can.