v7 no longer syncs with gmail

upgraded to v.7 and it no longer syncs with gmail. Reset acct. settings several times without success.

iCloud as well!

Hi Eugene and Scootworks, gmail is working for me, I have 7 gmail accounts all working great

Maybe you have security software that blocks it as v7 is a new program?

It just occurs to me that I think this problem only started when applied the latest update (v 7.0.28037.0)

I’m glad to hear this. There’s still hope. My wife upgraded to v. 7 and all works well. I’m using the same Webroot, network settings, account settings, but getting an error message that it cannot connect to gmail. Error: IMAP attempt to connect failed. . . . .Guess it’s to Geek Squad tomorrow.

Hello Eugene,

If you’re experiencing issues with synchronization, could you please send us a screenshot of the error that you are getting? There is also a tab in the same window as the error titled ‘Log’ - could you please copy its content here?

Thank you,