V7 copy and paste

I see there is a regression in V7. I remember this one of old. I try to copy & paste a url (browser) into body of email and nothing happens. However the old 2 step method using Notepad still works.

Hello David,
this is strange, we have not encountered this issue in v7.
Can you provide more information? From which browser are you copying the URL?


Hi Olivia,
I use FF or IE.
Sometimes I send, via email, a link to Judith (my wife) about an interesting subject.
I copy the url from the browser address bar and paste, or try to, into the body of the email. This does not work.
I cannot remember the version I first had this issue with. I have had a ‘lifetime’ since 25.1.10

The Notepad trick I use is as follows.
I create a txt file using notepad and call it emclient C&P
I copy the url into this file, save and close.
I open the file, copy and paste from there into emclient.
This works!



Hi David,
could you test if the issue with c&p is with both FF and IE or just one of them?


Both, I have just tried to copy/paste https://forum.emclient.com/emclient into emclient from IE (9). I normally use FF (45) but have to use IE for this forum.

Hi David,
can you try Ctrl+Shift+V to paste the URL in eM Client?


That works with FF but not IE, hopefully a clue?

Wait a minute, thats doing just the same as using Notepad

Hi David,
the Ctrl+Shift+V is a paste that removes any formatting from the copied text.
I believe there is a third party application filtering your clipboard content and stops you from pasting unsafe content or pasting into non-native applications of windows.
Do you have any such software that could be filtering or blocking this? Doesn’t need to be an antivirus, could be any performance monitoring or cleaning software or something that has a clipboard filtering option.


No, thats not it.

I have tried the identical C & P into Windows Mail without issue. Native app.

Also C & P into Thunderbird. Non-native app.

Don’t worry, it will go away with some update or other.
Anyway I’ll use Ctrl+Shift+V in FF from now on.

FYI - I’ve got 7.0.25082.0 and no problems at all (Ctrl + V). I tested Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome (WIn 7/64).

Copy-Paste problems are sometimes caused by sandboxing or “virtual PC” programs (e.g. “safe banking” browsers) or ring-fencing offered by anti-malware installations. As part of their security features they prevent copy-pasting so as to filter data moving in and out of their “sealed” boxes. If you use such sandboxing (or were using it earlier in the day and had forgotten that it is still running) try turning it off.

Look folks. It is no big deal, but to recap.
There is no conflict etc with security apps, I did check the logs.
Windows Mail - no problem.
Thunderbird - no problem
Emclient V6 - no problem
Emclient V7 - problem
But, eMclient V7 is a Beta.
Back to V6 - no problem.

Lets move on.