v7 change - When a Smart Folder is selected and the scroll bar is clicked, the list of messages shown changes to a single Inbox

I noticed this has changed in v7, and I must say I don’t like it. Now, when viewing Mail and a Smart Folder is selected, when I click on the scroll bar, the list of messages shown changes to show a single Inbox. That would seem to defeat the purpose of having the Smart Folders in the first place.

In my case, I have multiple mailboxes (Gmail, Exchange, and even a POP3 mailbox) all feeding into em Client, and I like to view all the messages together (using the “All Inboxes” Smart Folder) and, as I work through them, move them into sub-folders within my different mailboxes. Now when I scroll, I lose my “All Inboxes” view because the view changes to show only a single Inbox. I have to scroll to where I can view the folder I want, then click “All Inboxes” again to find the message before I can move it. This adds an extra step, which is confusing and annoying. Hope this can be addressed either by going back to the way it was in version 6, or by adding a user-configurable setting.

I’m using v7 and have not had that problem.  Are you trying to drag the message from the smart folder to the folder in a particular account, or are you right-clicking and selecting Move to Folder.  If the former, try the latter.  That’s how I have been moving messages from my All Inboxes smart folder to subfolders where I want to store them.

The problem occurs because I want to drag a message from the Smart Folder (“All Inboxes”) to a folder that I have to scroll to see. So before I drag the message, I click on the scroll bar. As soon as I click on the scroll bar, the selection pane changes from showing the messages in the Smart Folder to showing the messages in a particular mailbox. At that point, either the message I wanted to move isn’t there or it’s there but I have to find it again. This behavior did not occur in version 6.

Following your suggestion is a workaround that does work, but requires several more clicks. I would like to have the same functionality in this respect that version 6 offered.

Several more clicks???  Right click on file (1), click on Move to Folder (2), scroll to folder to which you want to move it and click on that folder (3), click OK (4)  That’s maybe one or two more clicks than your preferred (but unavailable) way.  Maybe the developers will restore your preferred way, but that might take a while.  Meanwhile take a deep breath and click a couple of extra times to accomplish the task. 

We will look into it, it wasn’t deliberate change. It’s just that clicking into the folder list always switched to the single folder view and perhaps the clicks are now registered also in the scrollbar area.

Please note that you can also start dragging and drag to the bottom/top of the folder list and it will scroll while dragging.