V7.1 Beta - Bugs not acknowledged

I have downloaded V7.1 Beta and have submitted two Bug reports over a week ago without receiving any kind of acknowledgement. Surprised as previous problems I have had have always been dealt with promptly. The bugs related to contacts - categories not working properly, and system crashing when adding a new contact.

Hello Richard,

We’re very sorry if you haven’t received a response yet, we take the feedback that we receive on Beta very seriously. Could you please tell us what address have you sent the reports to so we can check again? Knowing the message’s subject would also be helpful.

With apologies,

Hi Maurice

It went to bug@emclient.com on 14 March at 18:13 with heading “Contact Problems”. Actually it was only one e-mail but it had two bug reports attached to it.


Hello Richard,

Thank you for specifying. The address dedicated to sending Beta reports is testing@emclient.com. Could we please ask you to resend the reports to this address?

Many thanks,

I am testing V7.1.29274.0 which was published on March 3rd. In the beginning it crashed every time I switched from Email to (gmail) calender. An automatic crash report was generated and sent to you (with my email address attached).

Eventually I found the bug myself: Google web calender must be open, when you open gmail calender in emClient the first time. But you only get this information, when you set up your accounts manually; when you import them from 7.0 or Thunderbird you don’t get any warning.

I don’t expect any acknowledgements but I had expected some newer betas in the meantime, if beta testing was taken seriously at all.

Hello Peter,

Thank you for you feedback. We investigate the crashes of course and if you can also help us with an additional comment, we’d please ask you to send your observations to testing@emclient.com.

We are working at fixes and further improvements and another beta will of course be released.