V6.xxxx is slow to open emails but needlessly syncing

I posted this a year ago with no reply, so here goes again. In opening up in the AM or coming back to the PC after a few  hrs and opening new email it can take 2-3 minutes for new content to load. Sometimes I see headers and no content, other times nothing. But, when I check Operations under Tools I see it’s very busy syncing or resyncing my many (30+) IMAP folders which are static and have not been touched or updated for weeks. Is this normal? Syncing folders constantly even though there’s been no change to them? This includes “bulk mail” aka junk mail which is usually empty at that time.

Is this a v6 thing? Would 7 be faster? I see lots of complaints with 7, so think “no”.

This  happens, while Apple mail on iPhone or iPad is near instantaneous and of course Yahoo webmail is very fast too. It’s still all IMAP, so has to deal with the IMAP server too same as eMC does.

Please explain the syncing process and why it wants to “touch” my static folders over and over.

Thank you!

The IMAP Inbox relies on the server to announce that there is some change before eM Client syncs that folder. I have seen different things with sub-folders depending on the email provider. GMail is something odd, but on vanilla IMAP servers it seems that sub-folders only sync on the synchronization interval set in in Menu > Tools > Settings > General. Having too short an interval may be causing some issue. Set the interval to at least 15 minutes and see if that changes anything.

One other thing you could try is to remove the IMAP account from eM Client, then add it again. It is possible that there is some corruption in the database and this will do a complete resync of the folders.

Many changes were made since version 6, so upgrading to a new version might also be a solution. Make a backup first in case you decide to go back because the database is not backwards compatible.

OK, thanks for quick reply. This is encouraging and will give it a try. Will change sync period, then remove/recreate IMAP first before trying v7. “change is hard”.