V6 Message Loading Time is Painful

Since the RC, message loading time for GMail IMAP has been very sloooooow and painful. Has this been diagnosed? Is there a workaround or a fix coming?


Any news on this problem? It’s making me nuts. Thanks.

Hi, do you have turned on “download message for offline use” in Tools - Accounts - your account - IMAP tab ? Your long loading time could be caused by emails downloading before you see them.


Hi, Jan! This is NOT checked on any of my IMAP accounts. Did not have this problem until V6. V5 was fine.

I’ve got a message right now where it is not downloading. I’m just getting the “sliding dots” indicating it is trying to display. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled. Same problem. What can I give you guys to help troubleshoot? This problem is making emClient unusable. I’m using the BMail browser client in the interim.

**UPDATE** The problem message now shows “The message wasn’t downloaded because you are not connected to the server”. Yet it downloaded several new messages. I’m confused.

and have you tried to check that box I have suggested in my previous post?