v6 - hotmail / outlook.com sync

It would be useful to be able to select the types of information to be sync’d (such as mail, calendar, contacts) as only some of the information may be wanted (in my case only contacts - mail comes from a different IMAP account)

Hi, in Tools - Accounts - your accounts, you can uncheck “enable service” under every service Tab.

That will turn off that feature so you can have (for example) Gmail calendar, Outlook SMTP and Yahoo POP3/IMAP.


I want to synchronize the events/appointments which I enter in eM Client with my Hotmail account, so I will also see those events on my Windows Phone.

How do I do this?

Currently I only have the following tab pages in my Hotmail account:

* general
* POP3
* Diagnostics

Should I have an ‘events’ or ‘appointments’ tab page there?

Maybe even a ‘contacts’ tab page?

And a ‘tasks’ page?

How do I get those tab pages?

I am having General, Mail/calendar/contacts, Diagnostics, but I have used Automatic setup.

Outlook uses by standard Exchange ActiveSync (AirSync) protocol. Calendar/Task synchronization is for outlook possible only over this protocol.


I got the settings for my Hotmail account when importing my data from Thunderbird.

What should I do to get the ‘calendar’ and ‘contacts’ tab pages?

I want to enter contacts / appointments / tasks in eM Client and have them show up in my calendar on my Windows 8.1 notebook and on my calendar on my Windows phone.

you should use manual setup, automatic setup will always set information for connection to server with all possible services and suggested settings from it.