V5.0.19553 upgrade - affects font and size in mail read option

Hi there,

I upgraded from V5.0.18661 to V5.0.19553 to overcome the iCloud calendar issue (I’d barely spotted the problem before I realised a fix was already there - well done to all involved).

However something strange has immediately happened to the display of mail in the messages panel and when displayed as an opened message. It no longer follows the font and text size selected in Tools > Settings > Mail > Read. It is legible but it’s clearly not the Calibri 11 I’d selected - it’s another sans-serif and much smaller. Has anyone else had a similar issue? (running eM Client under Win 7 Home Premium)

Mail > Compose works as expected and when I do a ‘reply’ to any received message the entire body - received original plus reply - immediately jumps to Calibri 11.

I’m fully expecting I’ve nudged some setting somewhere, but I just can’t spot where, and I’ve been through it all with a fine-tooth comb.

Any ideas?



Ooops, just solved this one myself after mucho experimentation. It did come down to user error on my part but I’ll post this as advice to others.

First, it’s nothing to do with the release of eM Client. The symptoms appearing just after an upgrade were coincidence, nothing more. I could have made the same mistake with any eM Client release. Among my trials to sort this were a complete de-installation of eM Client, clean the registry, delete the Users\AppData…\eM Client folder, re-start PC, re-install the V5.0.19553 release, and also repeat the entire same process but with the latest V6.0 beta. Somehow, the symptoms persisted through all this. Very weird.

I’m not exactly clear how I stumbled across the solution. I’ve now discovered eM Client has the capacity to zoom the text displayed in the message window. This is done using CTRL+ or CTRL-, or CTRL plus the scroll wheel on the mouse. Once I discovered this I realised that my mis-sized text was obeying two rules: the selection in Mail > Read and also the zoomed magnification in the message window. Somehow I must have activated a much smaller zoom setting at some point without being aware of this. Since I discovered this I still can’t find any status bar message or similar (like in Internet Explorer) to tell me what the zoom percentage is currently. I’ve got everything back to an acceptable size but it’s been done by subjective judgement rather than selecting a known value.

Now my question is - where on Earth is the zoom value stored?!?! And how can I view this to prevent a repetition.

Other than this little quirk, eM Client is proving a very satisfying package to use.


I am sorry for my delayed answer, anyway I am happy that you have managed to resolve your issue.

Zoom value is unfortunately not visible,