V 7.1.31849.0 ... email rules not being applied

I have eMclient (v 7.1.31849.0) setup to receive my Gmail account (IMAP) … which it does.
However, I have a number of Rules setup to filter incoming messages into several different folders. Problem is, eMclient does NOT apply the rules to any of the incoming messages, even though they have NOT been previously viewed by any other app or program. To get the messages filtered, I have to manually run the rules; which in that case does apply them … but ti’s a real pain in the back side to have to do this all the time.
Additionally, when you manually go through the application of the rules, the flyout options boxes bypass the obvious choice of ‘all rules’ as a default … bizarre !!!
I’ve scanned the forum and there seem to be lots of similar posts/comments about this issue (old and new) but none of them appear to have raised a response from the developers.
Quite sad really, spoiling the ship for an ha’peth of tar … could be an excellent client but it’s let down by this serious short coming !!!
Is there the faintest of hope that this short coming is likely to be addressed any time soon ?!?!?!?!?

I’ve noticed this over that last couple days as well.  The filter rules i set up are no longer being followed

Whilst I was browsing this forum for this issue, I did see a rather out of hand response saying that the problem was due to the emails having been already read in other applications before being delivered to eM client and that this behaviour was ‘standard’ among other clients.
Well, I used to use Thunderbird and that statement is categorically untrue … Thunderbird always applied rules to incoming mail regardless of whether or not it had been opened in Google’s browser app previously or not !

yeah… can’t be true for me either, since i haven’t been opening those emails in anything else. i access that particular account only via em client. 

I’m not a rule guy, but a couple of things:

1.  You’re not on the latest version of the software which is 7.1.32088.0.  Get it by going here: http://www.emclient.com/release-history.  For whatever reason, eM Client does not always push updates out, so check on occasion at that page.  The latest update shouldn’t impact rules, but you never know.

2.  If something is working and suddenly stops without making changes to eM Client, I would be suspect of the email provider.  I know there are people on this forum that use lots of rules without issue.

3.  Maybe you could share on of your rules that is not working and someone can maybe help troubleshoot.

GMail IMAP is a terrible choice for testing Rules. It may have something to do with the way All Mail is implemented, but whatever the reason, it just seems to get the largest share of Rules problems. Rules work very well on any POP3, and I currently use them successfully on GMX IMAP.

I agree with Jay; maybe share a Rule that is not working, and let’s see if there is a solution.


Again, I’m not a rule guy, but might it make sense to apply rules at the gmail level rather than in eM Client?

Sure, if you are doing something like moving to another folder, marking as read, forwarding, etc. I have things like that setup on my server, so no matter what client I am using it gets done. Also then if you need to change a rule, and you are using a few different devices, you only need to do it once.

Things like categories are not possible to do that way. GMail’s labels are kind of like categories, but can’t be used in eM Client in the same way.

There are some problems in that often messages that have been moved by server-side filters do not accept Rules in eM Client afterwards. Not sure why that is, it just is.

mm i may have figured out why mine stopped working. seems the sender changed their outgoing email address, so it no longer got filtered by the rule. 

we’ll see what happens

Interestingly, Gmail labels seem to sync just fine for me.  Even if I create a new label on Gmail, it also creates a new category in eM Client.

Interesting how different people work.  I find the search routine (and search folders) robust enough not to really need many rules and categories.

How can they do that? :slight_smile:

assuming that’s a serious question… since it’s hard to tell through text.

it’s from a webpage for finding gigs and they auto email out potential gigs to you.  they can easily change their outgoing email through their email server.

i use rules to help keep my email separated out into different folders depending on who the sender is.  i don’t use labels, and i hate gmail’s categories. 

There was some restriction with GMail labels, like they can’t be used in Rules or something like that.

No it was not a serious question. :wink:

But if the emails always come from the same domain you can use a Rule for that domain rather than the full address if they change it often.

Jonathan, just so you know, eM Clients “folders” for Gmail are actually virtual folders and, in fact, are categories just like Gmail’s labels.  Gmail only has three folders-- All Mail, Junk and Trash.  Everything is in All Mail with flags for categories (and there may be multiple).

the domain is actually what changed. 

from @thumbstack.com to @pro-thumbstack.com

The Rule using From: thumbstack.com in the header would work for both.


Can you give a screenshot of a Rule that is not working?