UTF8 bug

I use the french language in em client. The UTF-8 is not displayed correctly :

Source :


Very strange. I received the same mail and I have no problem.  My font in eMClient is “Tahoma;12pt”.
Surely somebody from technical support will help you :slight_smile:

Idem : Tahoma 12pt…

Désolée. Sorry, I cannot help you. They will ask you your eMClient version and give you the solution :slight_smile:

Hi Loïc,
could you please save this email as an EML file and send it to me at rust@emclient.com? Please add link to this forum in the message.
We’ll try to analyze what could be wrong with the email.


Ok thanks

Hi Loïc,
we analyzed the file and it is already corrupted when it gets to eM Client.
I believe that your mail server pre-processes this message somehow and changes the formatting, removing the original data, so eM Client can’t change it.
Please contact your mail server provider about this issue.