Using wildcards in rules?

I have been getting a lot of spam lately from adverting companies. They “spoof” .edu address like the following:“Mary”<> and “Premium Pure Foreskolin”<>. The address varies with every email except that they always come from an .edu. The addresses for the “unsubscribe” vary, indicating that multiple advertise agencies are using this spamming process. 

I have been trying to write a rule to put these in junk or spam by using wild cards for the address…like *@*.edu or ?@?.edu but eMClient doesn’t take wildcards. Is there a way to get rid of these constant spams from the .edu ?

Thanks for your help!

Hello Tom, unfortunately it is not possible to use wildcards in rules, you can only use the full email address or the domain name for banning incoming email from your Inbox folder by using “” or “”, unfortunately eM Client doesn’t currently include any advanced junk filtering options except the blacklist that serves as an additional rule.

In order to clear your Inbox from unsolicited emails try to use one of the available SPAM filter utilities as Spamihilator etc. which put a junk filter on your server, clearing all incoming email using more advanced filtering options than offline client, this will also allow you to get a clear view of your received email on all your devices instantly regardless of having eM Client online in order to filter out the incoming email.

Thank you,