Using folders disappearing

I use using imap. My inbox folders have suddenly disappeared. They are there on plusnet webmail and outlook shows with no problem. This happened about three months ago and within 48 hours they appeared again. No such luck this time. What can I do please?
I now also get the error message IMAP cannot create a trash folder if I try to delete anything from the mailbox.

You can remove the account from eM Client, then add it again. That will re-sync everthing with the server.

I have tried that, setting up new IMAP account and be POP3 accounts. All the e-mails appeared, but all in the inbox, not in their folders. The folders also did not appear.

There is a difference between IMAP and POP3.

IMAP will sync the messages as they are on the server. That includes folders, including Sent, Trash and Junk.

POP3 will only retrieve what is in the server Inbox. That is all. No folders.

Thanks for taking the time to help. I have again removed the old mailbox and recreated it as IMAP. There are still no folders and when I try to delete a message I get an error. I attach a screenshot of the error message and the log.

When the account is initially added to eM Client as IMAP, all the folders on the server should be visible. You should check with as it seems there may be some problem with their server.

If they cannot assist you, then you should open a support ticket with eM Client. With your diagnostic logs they may be able to find the cause if it is in eM Client, or at least confirm if the problem is with the server.

As the folders work fine with Outlook I guess it is more likely to be eM rather than Plusnet. Plusnet was my first port of call but they found no problem. Will eM pick up this note and respond do you know?

Can you give the settings you are using for your IMAP account? Just host, port and security policy. You will find that in Menu > Tools > Accounts, and then clicking on the IMAP tab for your account.

This forum is somewhat monitored by eM Client staff, but you would stand a better chance of having the problem solved by opening a support ticket. Support runs 24/7, but it is unlikely that anyone will take notice of this forum until Monday.

Thanks Gary. Here it is:

I have sorted both problems.
I added a NEW folder to the inbox - using the same name as the subfolder that was not syncing. The subfolders to that all appeared with all the ‘lost’ e-mails and now it works. I am still not sure how or why.
I used the forum solution to fix ’ IMAP cannot create a trash folder’ by unticking automatically find special folders, calling it inbox.trash and creating a trash folder in the inbox folder.

Well done Gill. :slight_smile:

I think the thread you refer to is…