Using Norton antivirus with Em Client

How do I get Norton Antivirus (actually I have Norton 360 to be specific) to work with Em Client? For other email programs, Norton seems to automatically engage. With Em Client, all my spam goes right to my Inbox. I have tried turning on the Spam filtering… but still no luck in getting Norton involved. Any tips?

Thanks for any suggestions.


try set the spam rules in eM Client directly (menu Tools->Rules or use Spam button on message). In one of next versions there will be also blacklist feature that will work for you.

This is not sufficient. I have to ask if there’s some INI file setting I can tweak. I think your program is otherwise quite good, but Thunderbird (and Postbox) automatically sync up with Norton, and as a result my spam gets tossed in the Junk folder. I don’t understand why your application can’t do the same thing.

If Norton Anti-Spam software can’t work with eM Client, I’m left with a manual method… not satisfactory.


This is the part where Norton has to put eM Client in their automatic rule configuration. There’re time where Thunderbird was not in the rule, it take time for Symantec to verify a program is safe and add it to their automatic configuration. And if there’s no user feedback to Symantec, they won’t do it at all. This is how any firewall/internet security software works. Including McAfee, CA, Kerpasky, Comodo, Outpost, etc. I would advice notify Symantec about eM Client and let them add it to their automatic configuration.