Using emClient with a free license on multiple PCs?

How do I use eM Client with a free license for private purposes on my desktop PC and my notebook?
During evaluation period, everything was fine.
Now, I’m prompted for the license key every time I turn on the other machine.
Is there a way to have eM Client working properly on both machines (Same email-account should be used on both machines)?
As far as I’ve understood the license conditions, it would be OK to use eM Client free with the same email account on multiple machines for private purposes.

Thanks for your ideas on this one!


There is a difference between free license and trial version, with trial version you can use eM Client without registration but only for 30 days.
Activating your free license on another computer will deactivate the old one.
With free license you can use eM Client only with one PC, in case you want to use it on multiple computers you will need to purchase pro license.

Not what I hoped to hear…
But thank you anyway for the fast and clear reply!

You are very welcome,
I hope that you will still enjoy our product and its future releases.