using eM client

I have just downloaded and installed Em Client.

I have imported settings etc from Outlook and have a couple of problems

  1. My email siganture has been imported from Outlook but doesn’t work.  I have tried creating a new signature but that also doesn’t work i.e. not shown in body to email.  Any suggestions as to how I might resolve this
  2. Account settings have been imported from Outlook where I was using POP account, with emails being left on server.  I wish to change this to IMAP.  Can I do this under the POP tab in account settings?  If this is not possible if I set up a second account using IMAP and set this as default, will emails only be downloaded using the default and not both?  I don’t want to delete the imported account settings as this may delete emails etc.
    Thank you


1.  Make sure you select a signature for your email account.  Go to menu/tools/settings/mail/signature and select the signature for the account:

2.  You cannot change an account type, e.g., POP3 to IMAP.  You will have to set up the account again as IMAP  Since you leave your emails on the server, when you create the IMAP account it should synchronize the entire account, including those emails already downloaded to your machine.  Therefore, there is no need to keep the POP3 account.  To be safe, you can back them up, or copy them to the local folders.

Some things to note when moving from POP3 to IMAP:

Setup your IMAP account before deleting your POP3 account. Once the IMAP is setup, move any emails you want to keep from the POP3 account folders to the IMAP folders or to Local Folders. You can then delete the POP3 account. As Jay says, make a backup. Deleting a POP3 account will delete all the emails from your computer that you have previously sent and received. There is nothing worse than deleting an account and then discovering you have lost all the emails since your last backup.

Some providers will keep copies of your sent items on the server - some wont. Depending on how your POP3 is setup, there may also be some emails in the Inbox on the server. So when combining accounts, there is always the chance there may be a few duplicates. eM Client provides a handy utility to remove those: Menu > Tools > Deduplicator.

Thank you for your responses and advice.

Email signature is now sorted.  On opening eM today the signature was not enabled, this despite having done so previously.  Have now enabled and signatures are being inserted in new emails.

I will follow up your advice on omitting POP account.

On further query.  In local folder emails are only shown that are two or more days or older, today’s emails are not shown, they are shown in all folders.  How do get current emails to show in local folder?


Typically when using POP3 accounts in eM Client, each account is setup with it’s own separate folder tree named with the email address. In addition to those there is a separate Local folder tree. Under the default option the emails will be saved in that account’s Inbox not the Local folders Inbox.

If by “all folders” you mean “All Inboxes”, that is a smart folder showing a combination of emails in all account Inboxes, including the Local folders Inbox.

You will probably find your missing emails in the Inbox for your POP3 account.