Using eM Client as a CRM/Contact Manager

I have created a pseudo-CRM contact management tool using categories, tasks, and contact profiles. It seems to be working and is a bit more manual than I would like (if eM Client would add a feature or two it would be excellent!) It would take some time to write it up but if any of you are interested I will post it. Let me know if there is interest.

Hi, I would be interested as I am seriously looking for a CRM / Pipeline tracking add on for eM Client. Please let me know. [email protected]


Unfortunately eM Client is focused on emails mainly so we do not plan CRM, if so then only some features, but it is just a word into the far future.

with regards

You are SOOOO close to adding huge functionality. IF you will only add an ability to ‘tag’ a contact in a task and have it come up in the “contact details” along wiht all emails, chats, meetings, etc. It will do much to making this a very solid contact manager