Using different From Address In Replys

When I set up logins for companies I use the company name as the e-mail address e.g. or, which gets caught by the catch all. Mainly as I can easily stop any mail coming from a company that starts spamming me. The issue is that the send me a mail to, but when I reply to the mail it comes from my main email address, which caused problems 1. the don’t recognise the and 2. they now have my “real” e-mail address. What I would like to do automatically use the To- Address as the From-Address on the reply or edit the from address before sending. I realise I can set-up a number of reply-to address but don’t want to set up one for every I have (hope that makes sense?)

Hi, have you tried using “Aliases”?


If I understand “Aliases” , which I admit I might not, you need to set up the aliases in the first place, which means adding, i my case hundreds of them :(. What I really wan to do is similar to outlook where when you reply you can choose the drop down from the “from” box and choose and existing mail address or choose “another e-mail address” when you can type in the address you want it to appear to have come from. This way means I only have to type in the address as I need to on the fly.

I have the EXACT same problem that Mark has.

Sorry, Mark, I don’t want to hijack your post/question ;-).

A work-around for us might be, if there was a file in eM Client for aliases that we could modify ourselves. We could then input our aliases into something like Excel, then sort our aliases alphabetically, and paste them back into that eM Client’s alias file. Yeah, it would initially be time-consuming, considering we have many hundreds of aliases. The only method I’ve found so far, is to add them in manually as aliases, one at a time, but eM Client does NOT do any sorting of aliases, and displays the aliases in the order they were entered. This makes it next-to-impossible for us to locate the alias we’re looking for each time we wish to choose an alias.

So if no plans are in the works for us to manually enter in our from & reply-to email address each time we send out an email, then what we would need, as a work-around, is:

  1. To be able to add our aliases in bulk; and

  2. Once we pretty-much have our aliases added into eM Client, as we go forward & add aliases in the future, to be able to sort them alphabetically.

For me at least, without the above capabilities, I am unable to purchase & start using eM Client as my email program.

sorry, you can setup an unlimited number of aliases in Tools > Accounts > Your Account > Aliases, from which you can choose when you’re replying to email by simply clicking the default email in top.

There should be a drop down menu which allows you to choose the alias.

However you can’t set-up a new alias from withing the reply, only from the Accounts settings window.

Hopefully this helps,

Hi Paul, yes, I am aware of that, and I’ve been using that capability.

However, with many hundreds of different aliases that I use (a unique alias per website that I register on), because the aliases in eM Client are not sorted alphabetically, it is almost impossible to find the needed alias, without looking each & every alias until the one I’m looking for is found.

If eM Client was able to sort all aliases alphabetically, regardless of the order they were entered in, instead of taking many minutes to find the required alias, it would take mere seconds.

Is sorting of aliases something that your developers might be able to implement in the near future? Or is there some way that we can sort these aliases ourselves now?

Thanks in advance.


this might be possible I’ll pass the idea to developers or you can create an ‘Idea’ topic here and let other users vote on that idea as well and if the feedback is sufficient we might add the feature in future releases.

Thank you for pointing this out,

Thanks, Paul.

I have done as you suggested. Hopefully others will be interested in this too.

Thanks again, and have a great day.