Using bcc on eM Client

My wife has recently taken on the voluntary job of membership secretary of a branch of the U3A which is a self help educational charity for retired people.  She sometimes has difficulty sending out a notice to members in batches of 50 or so using eM Client and  The intended recipients addresses, which she keeps on her Excel spreadsheet, are put into the email as “bcc”.

What sometimes happens is that the whole batch is returned as undelivered, probably because it is wrongly considered as spam.  She then complains that, with eM Client (free version), she is unable to see a straightforward list of the intended recipients, something which is available only, it seems, if she signs into her gmail account… Is she missing a trick with eM Client?  I have been unable to help her, though I use eM Client myself and find it meets all of my needs.  .

Hello Gordon,

Thank you for contacting us, we’re happy to hear that eM Client is used for such a noble cause. As for the limits on the number of recipients, that is a server issue. When it comes to viewing the list of recipients - she can look up the e-mail that she sent out in the Sent folder, which will allow her to see the whole list of recipients.