Uses Too Much Memory!?

It’s a memory hog. I don’t know if this is proportionate to the size of the mail database or not…but using close to 200 meg seems excessive. Leak?

This causes my Win7 32 bit machine to do more swapping than I woule like.

on my W7 machine EM eats 240MB RAM !!! This might be ok for my test large home notebook but not for my tiny VILIV S7 netbook with 1GB RAM only = Can’t recomend as serious outlook replacement. Quite dissapointing because functionality is great…

Hmmm. Mine currently using 46MB. Windows 7 32 bit as well. Which version of EM Client are you using?

As I reported in this thread:… my memory consumption is even bigger, over 700MB from time to time. Using 3.0.10144.0 on Windows XP.
Milos Kovalcik (EMPLOYEE) responded that updating to latest version would improve things but nope, today I’m currently on 525MB.

just to be more precise:
I use version 3.0.10057.0
em starts with some 29MB but after while (look into calendar, contacts, email history, write chat,… it quickly raises mem use to 170MB and still slowly grows…

app is probably written in .NET so may be garbage collector (GC) will reduce mem use on netbook devices with less RAM,… but this needs more tests…

Can anybody from programmers tell us more please ?


after W7 SP1 goes better, just 70MB,… BTW O2003 takes 8MB…

We are aware of the problem and we are looking into some suitable solution of it.

Any news on this one?

We made lot of memory optimizations (and find some leaks, but probably not all) to the next major version (3.5) which will be released in next weeks. We hope it will be all right then.

No improvments in memory usage in version 3.5.11809.0
My current memory usage for EMClient is 586Mb.

Hmm odd, my eM start up with 80MB, after usage it would stay below 120MB, minimized eM would drop to 3-5MB, reopen would change to 25-30MB. My database is 840MB, however I’m not using the calendar at the moment since in my opinion Google Calendar support is not on mature enough.

New PC build, Win 7 64 bit, I’m only seeing a 60-80MB usage.

I’m on Win XP Professional SP3
StartUp memory usage is around 90Mb, grows to over 500Mb within 24 hours.
Interesting with minimizing though, I also see memory usage drop to around 6Mb. And only growing to 50Mb when maximizing, haven’t monitored this over time though.
My database file size is around 1,8Gb.

Maybe keep eM minimized? EM does caching but it also seems to release some of them. Unfortunately since eM is running on .NET, it also largely depends on .NET’s resource management. Which ain’t great I can tell you that.

guys, I might forgot to tell back what resolved all my problems, including mem…
Beacuse EM renders HTML email content using MSIE, it forces me to install back some latest MSIE (that I removed fully from system few years ago…) and I installed latest version of .NET,… seems that different versions of .NET are not that independent…
now EM eats some 8-30MB RAM and latest buid is pretty stable and fast.

just to be precise, I use gmail with IMAP (not POP3), seems that EM is more convenient with this…



Good to see your problem are solved. EM handle POP3 like any other e-mail client, and there’re still some feature from IMAP need to be work on. But yeah, .NET plays quite a role here.

Adding to that our programmers did lot of work at memory management issues and resolved many leaks. It should be a lot better in new version.

I find the memory usage - around 93 %, according to the Task Manager - is simply unacceptable. (I am on XP, SP 3.)

With old Thunderbird, and under the exact same conditions (several applications and programs running at the same time), the CPE ranges from 5 % to 27 % max.
With EM Client, it is 100 % all the time.

I cannot imagine how anyone would find this acceptable.

What version are you running? Is .net up to date? People effected seem to be on XP.

My EM Client(5) currently using 50MB on Win 7 64 bit. 50MB of 8GB, that’s tiny.

Memory leak has been reported though all Windows platform - including Vista and Win7, however it seems it quite hard to isolate the issue since not everybody is having this problem. I for one done many deployment of XP machine with eM and has no memory leak issue.

However I am puzzled over the percentage (number) Helle keep referring to - XP task manager is simple and does not display PID nor memory usage in percentage. It only shows the amount of memory in KB and CPU usage of the process of a software. If it jumps 100% all the time - that is referring to OS CPU usage, and constant 100% is just wrong.