username and password not recognised

we are cant send or receive email , we keep getting username or password incorrect , even though both are saved and are dropped in every time the window appears, but a soon as you hit OK the window just come back. So whats to do ???

Is this something new, or has it always done this?
Who is your email provider?

Hi thank you for getting back. This is my father’s set who has sadly passed away recently. He has talktalk as his broadband privider. And has three Gmail accounts linked as well as as pop3 tiscali email. We’ve had this problem since last Thursday 03/12/19 the server will not recognise the saved password. Any advice would be welcome.
Cheers Nigel

Try disabling your anti-virus software and see if all works.

OK, it’ll have to be tomorrow now as that’s when I’m back home. I’ll get to then. Cheers Nige

Hiya, I’ve not tried your surgestion yet but I will. Do you think going to an earlier restore point solve this problem.
It work last Wednesday so just maybe there was a update that has happen since and that has caused the issue.
What do you you think.

I think that it’s unlikely the issue is eM Client.  Occasionally, when your AV program updates it louses up the exceptions and eM Client won’t work correctly.  That being said, you can always go back to previous versions of eM Client by going to  You will have to uninstall your current version, but the uninstall will not delete your data (backup always a good idea, though).  One note of caution, if you go back to many versions, you may run into database incompatibilities and you can’t roll back the database format.  

Thanks for the info. I’ll be looking at it tomorrow.
Cheers Nigel