User Specified "Sent Folder"

I have multiple accounts, so checking each sent box is a pain. Why not let the user pick a folder and save all of the sent mail to that folder?

Add ‘sent’ to smart folders and all sent mails have a consolidated view

Rather than smart folders I use a rule for each account to move all emails sent by various accounts to a single sent folder…the one for Local Folders.

I like IsoQuantic’s solution better. I want to get my sent notes into a local folder. I do wish he had given me more of a hint on how to create a rule.

I found the RULE TOOL. A teeny problem, the rule wizard want a condition for applying the rule. There was no ALWAYS box, so I chose “When I am in the TO” and “When I am not in the TO” which should give me the same effect. Maybe I should not check any box and just click NEXT.

Don’t create rules using the wizard. I prefer to see all options available by using the custom rule option.

In the New rules section:

  1. Select Apply custom rule on messages I send
  2. Processed with Account (select your account here)
  3. Move to folder (select the folder you wish to use)
  4. Review or skip the next panel that opens
  5. At the last panel give the rule a title and finish.

Now move the newly created rule in your list of rules upwards ahead or behind any rules that may conflict with your new rule. For example, you may have a rule that defines email sent to your boss to be moved to a special folder, so your newly created rule should appear after that “boss rule” as rules are executed in order of their listing in your rules panel.
…you could use step 4 above to define an exception to your move sent items rule by selecting “except when sent to people” and add your boss’ email in the panel in step 4 above.

Works like a charm.

Wonderful! Glad to have been of help.